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Bad Management = Good Business for Recruiters

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Title:Bad Management = Good Business for Recruiters
Post Date:11/16/2021
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Bad Management = Good Business for Recruiters

The most common reasons candidates come to me seeking alternate employment opportunities include: increases in pay, better commutes, more growth potential, better training, better tech infrastructure, more organization, better benefits….but the number one reason new resumes keep pouring in is ‘bad management’ or ‘toxic workplace’ or ‘my boss is a jerk’.

Even in the absence of any management literature, management training, sensitivity awareness seminars…., you would think that pure human evolution would have embedded within it an acknowledgement that people don’t like being yelled at, nor do they like inappropriate conduct, nor do they like looking over their shoulder in fear.  Yet….here we are, in 2021 (nearly 22), and I’m still hearing about this ‘old school’ management style, dominated by pointing fingers, name calling, and abusive conduct.  On one hand it is depressing to hear that some people just can’t ‘grow up.’  On the other hand…it’s great for business.  So….to the bad managers out there.  First of all…you can do better, and you should.  Secondly, until you do better….just remember …you’re really helping the head-hunting industry!!

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