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Giving Tuesday.

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Title:Giving Tuesday.
Post Date:11/29/2016
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Giving Tuesday.

Giving Tuesday reminds us that the world is bigger and more complicated than we may often realize.  It reminds us of our fellow humans’ many struggles both locally and around the globe.  These fellow human beings are in many cases seeking empowerment and help to achieve and possess even the most basic of human rights – water, food, shelter, safety and education.

We are reminded of these challenges to our brothers and sisters around the world on Giving Tuesday because we are, on this day, urged to give of ourselves to others.  No matter our religious observances, no matter our upbringing, no matter our own struggles, it seems right to identify causes that we feel connected to, which we would want to impact.  For me, and NYCM Search, the following have been and will continue to be causes I’ve found to be worthy of support and worthy of note because people in our own network here in NYC real estate and construction are leading the charge in these efforts.

Thank you to all who give and to those who remind us that our problems, however challenging and difficult, may pale in comparison to the problems of others whom we may never know but who possess just as much of a right to live in peace and prosperity in our time.

14 + Foundation     

The 14+ Foundation came to my attention a few years ago via an old industry contact, Joe Mizzi.  Joe is the president of Sciame Construction and is one of the founders of this wonderful group.  This foundation, a registered 501 (c) (3) organization, states it’s mission statements as follows:

14+ Foundation is a USA-based charitable organization that was formed to develop and build schools and orphanages for African children in rural communities.  Our first project is the Chipakata Children’s Academy in Zambia, Africa.

I highly recommend you visit their website, see their work, and donate if you see fit.  Also they throw some pretty nice events every year.


NYC Salt     

NYC Salt was again something that came to my attention a few years ago by way of a long time contact I’ve had in the industry, John Lassiter.  John is on the board of directors here at NYC Salt.  For those of you who’d like to give but are interested in doing something locally, for your neighbors, this may be worth a look.  NYC Salt was started in 2007, and also as a 501 (c) (3) was started for the “purpose of using digital photography to empower and equip NYC teenagers from immigrant communities in New York City with the tools they need to reach their full potential.” (nyc salt website).

Their mission statement is as follows:
The mission of NYC SALT is to engage our students through professionally-led volunteer instruction in photography and digital technology, to inspire our students by exposing them to the professional world of the visual arts, and to empower our students with strong values and opportunities to achieve higher education and greater access to stable and rewarding careers.

Again, I strongly suggest you go to their website and read news about their organization, see their impact, and donate or volunteer if you feel it’s suitable for you.

There are of course numerous other charities that are without question doing good for humanity and for our planet.  Feel welcome to comment. Research, ask around, ask your friends and families.  And share….remind…and give.

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