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HR TECH – Embrace the H

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Title:HR TECH – Embrace the H
Post Date:01/15/2024
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HR TECH – Embrace the H

The evolution of HR technology within the world of work is aggressive and appropriate. Efficiencies have been discovered through innovations in compliance, talent acquisition, learning / training, onboarding, background checks, benefit administration, employee engagement, retention and more. And while all of these things are very good, it is worthwhile to point out the self service inherent in these offerings from the massive number of start up and established technology firms within the industry. With the HR Tech market expected to grow to over 24 billion in the next 5 years, it is crucial for companies to examine the actual quality of these platforms beyond time saved.

While strong employee retention, onboarding and orientation, as an example, are significant indicators of a company’s success, the impulse to rely on technology to replace human engagement could have a long term impact on a company’s culture by eliminating meaningful human interactions. The logical answer to this risk is complimenting these technologies with non-virtual check ins, on boarding, reviews, learning experiences, mentorship and friendly interactions. In some cases a cost benefit analysis may be in order by ownership, CTOs and HR executives in assessing the digitalization of recruitment, hiring, onboarding, orientation and professional development. With robust enough HR departments, and the absorption of mentorship by able managers, some of these technologies may prove to be redundant and arguably less human.

For companies who plan for hyper-growth, it is all but certain that record management, compliance, candidate and employee tracking via these technologies is necessary. Caution may be in order, however, if the perception is that supervisory and peer engagement is therefor allowed to dissipate within the company culture.

Is an employee motivated more by a checkmark.. on a checklist.. within an app, or by an actual pat on the back while hearing the words ‘Well Done”. Or is the answer both?

Investment in HR tech is still very smart. Start ups should keep innovating, and companies should continuously look to stay current on these trends. We must, however, balance these investments in our tech partners with common sense human interactions.

David Cone-Gorham is a talent acquisition partner within the Real Estate, Design and Construction Management Industry who has attended HR Technology conferences and seminars within the US and Europe.

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