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Proud of this Work

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Title:Proud of this Work
Post Date:01/30/2020
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Proud of this Work

After 22 years of work in search & placement, it is easy to take for granted the challenges, the gravity, and even the impact one has.

Being a headhunter is not like being a social servant, a politician, a director of a non-profit, a doctor or a teacher.  The impact is less evident, less obvious.

But there is something to be said for what a headhunter does.  Especially a good one.  When I reflect on the lives I’ve improved by seeking out fair pay and benefits for accomplished professionals, or for putting together teams for owners, investors, developers so their investments are protected and their visions are executed….I see that this is work that can change people’s lives.  It doesn’t happen every day, but I have helped professionals in real estate development reach financial goals that represented their true accomplishments and value.  I have helped put teams in place, of development managers, acquisitions managers, construction managers who took nothing but capital, and turned that capital into tangible profitable real estate assets.  At the end of the day this business is about People.  And I’m glad it is.  I’m glad I sometimes help.  It’s not the most romantic achievement in the world, but it is worthwhile to sit with one’s accomplishments, if even for a minute.  I suggest you do the same.

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